Is A Hot Desk Right For You Or Your Company?

Is A Hot Desk Right For You Or Your Company?

Whether you are used to working from a hot desk or a fixed desk, there’s no doubt that the last year has changed how we work.

Maybe the changes forced by the pandemic have made you re-consider how you want to work in the future? If you’re pondering how you would like to structure your work life then read on.

Here is everything you need to know about working from a hot desk and implementing hot desking within your business.

What is a hot desk?

You’re probably familiar with the term hot desk but might not be clear about exactly what it means.

Hot desking can mean one of two things.

A system used within a company

Companies can use hot desking as a system that allows employees to select an open desk instead of working from the same desk every day. 

Using a first come, first served structure that gives greater flexibility and opens up a more collaborative approach to work.

A way of renting a desk by the hour/day

A hot desk is a low cost solution for many entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for a place to work without the commitment of a lease on an office. Hot desks are usually available in a co-working area or as individual booths in a shared space. 

Hot desking is also an increasingly popular solution for employees who work remotely but don’t want to work from home. 

The benefits of hot desks within a company

60% of employees said they want some flexibility in where and/or when they work.

Hot desking encourages engaging and collaborative work, encouraging a positive employee experience. It also allows employees to enjoy a more flexible approach to work where they can work from home and the office.

Post lockdown, the idea of the traditional working environment is becoming less appealing. Employees have got used to working from home and now want to work somewhere which is flexible. 

This is where hot desks come in. An environment where employees can work remotely or come into the office and use a hot desk is rising in popularity. 


Hot-desks are very economical as they save on space. Many companies will now choose to have staff working from home on some days and coming into the office on others.

A hot desking system will allow companies to have a much smaller office space. Ideally they will also be in a workspace that provides co-working space and hot desking space outside of the company office. 

Even in a permanent office space, employees are often on holiday or out of the office. With fixed desks this means that the space is wasted during those times.

A Modern Way To Work

Hot desking is a modern way to work and promotes a more innovative feel within the company. Businesses that promote hot desking tend to be viewed as more innovative and flexible. This aids in employee recruitment and retention as the company is more appealing.

The benefits of hot desks for individuals

Hot desking is perfect for freelancers and self-employed workers as it gives them a space to work without being tied to an office. Working alone can sometimes be isolating, so a hot desk is a great way to work in a collaborative environment. It also provides an opportunity to meet other freelancers and make connections. 


Freelancers and solo entrepreneurs very rarely sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are much more likely to be attending meetings or visiting clients or carrying out their work on-site. This means that renting a desk or office space can be an unnecessary expense. Equally many people do not enjoy working from home and struggle to find the focus they need.

A hot desk is the perfect solution that sits between renting an office and working from home. It is inexpensive and very flexible. Charged by the hour, you can rent a hot desk for a couple of hours a day a few times a week and you only need to pay for it when you’re actually using it.

Professional Environment

Many workspaces that provide hot desks have all of the best facilities. This includes high-performance wifi, professional standard printing facilities and quality desks and chairs.

They will also usually have other facilities available such as meeting rooms which you can hire to meet suppliers and customers. This means that you are meeting your clients in a professional environment, not your local coffee shop or home.

This professional environment also extends to the people around you whilst you are working. Hot desking facilities are occupied by other business people working on their own projects and are often a hive of networking opportunities.

Address for Business

In addition to readily available spaces to host client meetings, many workspaces that offer hot desks also offer business address facilities.

Known as a virtual office. You can use this facility as your company address and access services such as mail and call handling. If you also use this address to work and meet clients it helps to make your company appear professional.

Help With Workplace Loneliness

Many self employed people and individual entrepreneurs feel isolated when working from home. 

Hot desks and coworking spaces provide you with a network of people working alongside you. 

Research shows the importance of seemingly insignificant interactions on our sense of belonging; a friendly nod as you make a coffee or a greeting from a receptionist or co-worker can help boost happiness.

We Can Help

Wrkspace provides flexible work solutions across multiple venues in the north-west.

From hot desks and co-working spaces to meeting rooms, virtual offices, workshops and fully serviced offices. We have a solution to fit any size of business.

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